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Use Interac e-Transfer at participating financial institutions:

We now accept e-Transfer payments!
How to pay by e-Transfer

If you use e-transfer services through you bank or credit union, than you're already familiar with how the process works. Here are the instructions that I would like you to follow when setting up :

1. Call or email us to arrange service

If you are buying a service for the first time, call 778-388-9300 or email: to arrange service.

2. Go To Your Online Banking Account

Log into your online banking account and go to the area where you make payments. Look for the Transfer Funds section where you manage your payees.

3. Set Up Mission: ImPOOPable as an Interac e-Transfer Payee

You only have to do this once and then we will always appear in your list of payees for future e-Transfer payments.

- Create the payee name as "Mission: ImPOOPable"

- Use "" for the email address

- We are set up for auto deposit so no need for a security question

- Select "Continue".

4. Make Your Payment

Now that we're all set up, go back to the Transfer Funds area and select Make an e-Transfer.

- Select Mission: ImPOOPable as the recipient

- Enter the amount of your payment

- Select which bank account payment is coming from

- Select the current date

- Select "One-Time Payment"

- Select "Submit"

(note: the above steps will vary from bank to bank but should be similar).

 5. All Done!

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