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Affordable Dog Waste Removal Service

You love your dog but hate dealing with poop! 


Let Mission: ImPOOPable clean your yard while you get on with the important stuff.


We can service residential, strata, commercial, and municipal properties in Burnaby, Coquitlam, New Westminster, Port Moody, Surrey, Vancouver, North and West Vancouver.

1. It's not going to go away by itself

Dog waste takes up to 1 year to fully break down into organic components. Until then it is sitting, stinking, and killing your landscape. Dog poop is not fertilizer!

3. You are just too busy

You have better things to do with your family than pick up the dog's poop.

Hiring a dog waste removal service will save you time.

5. Technical stuff

Dog waste can be a significant host for all sorts of mean and nasty pathogens that can be harmful to people.

Bacteria such as campylobacter and e-coli; parasites such as cryptosporidium, giardia, hookworm, and roundworm; and viruses such as parvovirus can all be found in dog poop.

This is why Metro Vancouver wants dog poop processed at the waste treatment plant, not in the landfill. 

2. Poop attracts pests

Dog waste attracts flies, maggots, parasitic worms, and RATS! 

Yup, rats love to feed on dog poop!

4. Your yard is your kid's playground

Kids have great imaginations and endless energy which usually leads to them getting into everything. They love to run, bounce, and kick almost anything. Often dog waste can become tracked in on a pair of shoes and with it, all the harmful germs associated with dog poop.

5 Reasons to hire a Pooper Scooper
You can remove pet stains and odours
from almost any surface!








Your yard should be a clean, safe place for your children, and dogs to run their own secret missions. Free of the hazards of  dog poop. Don't be embarrassed by what your dog leaves behind. We know picking up dog poop is an easy thing to forget. So let us pick it up instead!

The Mission: ImPOOPable Special Agent in charge of operations in your area has specialized training in eliminating the threats posed by poop left laying in the grass. Not just the inconvenience of it getting tracked into the house but poop attracts rats, pollutes water, and can be a host for bacteria, parasites, and viruses. 

Having your yard cleaned by Mission: ImPOOPable is your best strategy to having a healthy yard.

lawn with piles of dog poop
clean lawn after dog poop removed

We do our very best to provide the outstanding services our clientele deserve, and we love receiving feedback from them regarding the work we’ve done. Check out some of the testimonials and reviews we’ve gotten from past and returning clients. We encourage you to write your own review after experiencing our service for yourself.

Love Mission Impoopable

Message: We love Mission Impoopable. Ian is so friendly and professional with us and our dogs. He does a fabulous job of cleaning our dog run each week and it is such a pleasure not having to worry about it. There isn't a star button here but we give him 5 stars!

The Correas

"Great company. I use them and they are so nice. I am glad I am one of their clients."

               Neil Blackall

"I use him. Super nice guy does as advertised."

             Matt Parsons

"Always makes time to comfort

my doggies. Always above and

beyond. Thank you Ian"

                         Sunni Campbell

"Mission: ImPOOPable changed my life! Ian is very friendly and great with all 3 of my dogs slobbering all over him. He is quick and efficient. It's so nice to have my yard back!. We give Mission Impoopable 5 out of 5 WOOFS!"

                       Kelly McLeod

cute sable and white papillon dog on white background

5810 Grant Street

Burnaby, BC

V5B 2K4


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